I am proud to say that LEEP has entered its second year.  It has been wonderful to welcome back our students as they enter their final year of secondary school.  We are well aware of the challenges that this brings every year for year 11 students, but of course this year students have the added pressure of catching up on any areas they have missed due to the pandemic.  We have already implemented timetabled catch up sessions during focus time.  These are carefully planned sessions designed to minimise the impact of the time students have missed due to the pandemic.

In addition, we are equally delighted to welcome our new year 10 cohort who will commence their GCSE studies with us this year.  We have worked hard with our partners to ensure that they will have equally exciting experiences as our year 11 students had last year.

We are very fortunate that our professional partners have committed to continue to work with the school and support the students despite all of the disruption during this year.  It really does show how much they care about the futures of the young people at LEEP.

We are looking forward to this new academic year and the challenge of supporting our students to succeed both academically and in the world of work!